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East High School
Rochester, NY
CEIRP Project

In December 2001 five CEIRP Fellows spent two weeks on full-day teaching assignments at East High in Rochester. We team-taught with five science teachers in a number of science classes of varying abilities and grade levels. We engaged the students in thinking about science and doing science through a number of different units and presentations: from carrying out open-ended toxicology experiments using daphnia and salt to exploring fellows' research on tropical forests and birds in Costa Rica.

Partipating Fellows included: Rainer Ass, Fred Werner, Sarah Lynne Reul, Ginny Collins, and Peter Weishampel.

These photos show students in a General Biology class demonstrating dilution-making for adaption in future toxicology experiments.

CEIRP Fellow Fred Werner and students in a botany class
CEIRP Fellow Sarah Lynne Reul and students examining owl pellets in a General Biology class



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