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Tim DePriest

2002 - 2003 CEIRP Fellow

Research Interest:
Science education

My current research interests are in identifying science education practices that promote a greater public understanding of the processes of scientific application and exploration. In my past research experiences, I have worked as a field biologist on studies focused on the effects of invasive species on forest ecology in the Appalachians, effects of forestry practices on biodiversity in the Adirondacks, and a natural resource inventory of Cornell's Arnot Forest. I have a deep passion for field ecology applied to conservation efforts, and in my research as a graduate student, I am exploring ways to engage school students and their teachers in being a part of these efforts. With CEIRP I hope to work with as many teachers and students as possible to introduce and practice the research methods used by conservation biologists, to promote a deeper understanding of the nature and processes of scientific inquiry applied to solving real-world problems. I feel that this approach is not only strong educationally, but is at the same time exciting and adventurous for the students and teachers involved.



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